In the moment when unpleasant situation is happening in my life, first word that I say in my mind is „Thank you“.

1. THANK YOU. (Realising that ongoing negative situation is the best from the worst situations that could happen to me according to my negative thinking about myself and condemning others. I am thankful that this situation has saved me from more tragically events).

2. I REALISE. (I realise that in some level of my soul, my Devine essence, has planned this situation, through it to help me. For me, the soul, to remember, that I am a LIGHT, that my intellect is just an attendant. To help to remember me, physical consciousness, that everything (even the most disgusting) is a light. And consciously separate ego reaction from my physical consciousness, while remembering and realising that I am a soul, already forgiven by God.

3. I ACCEPT. (I accept this situation or person, as healing of my soul, as cleaning of my heart from negative emotions, as a tool of manifestation of Devine essence in me, as a tool which helps me to remember who I am in real).

4. I FORGIVE AND ACCEPT. (I forgive and accept myself, as God forgave and accepted me. Me, Devine essence, I forgive myself for fears, spite, grievance and unforgiveness, condemnation, hate and revenge, human stupidity, for all negative thoughts and emotions revealing in me in this and future lives).

5. I BLESS. (I am Devine light. Me, the soul, I bless all negative situations as God blessed me).

6. I LET GO. (With love and gratefulness I let go the past).

7. I ACCEPT. (With love and gratefulness I accept the past, the present and the future. I realise that I am the God‘s child and I came to this world with my thoughts, feelings, emotions and acts for happiness, love, creation, harmony and beauty in physical world and in all other invisible worlds).(Sonata)

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